Friday, August 17, 2012

Little dog, big heart. . .

Tonight I am working on a project for my sister. My sister also has Crohns. Becky's is much worse than mine and she has been on medication since she was 13 years old. She can't have any children, so she opted for a furry child. 
This is Scarlet. My sister only had her for 6 years total. Scarlet died very recently, unexpectedly of congestive heart failure. Chihuahuas usually live for much longer than 10 years. As you can imagine, my sister is devastated like she lost a child. And she kind of did. 

Scarlet was the most photogenic dog I've ever seen. She was pretty much perfect in every shot, so I have lots to pick from. I am presently trying to get my photos uploaded to print out in gallery prints. Have you ever printed mounted photos, photos that look just like photos with no frame and a stand mounted on the back? I'm considering this for a few prints as these are so affordable, but mostly I'll go with canvas. This is all my sister asked for in regard to her upcoming birthday. Sometimes it's not easy to be the family historian and picture-taker. I was tasked with the same project when my grandmother died.

A somber Friday to you, until tomorrow. (This post brought to you by mass doses of Aleve, oh how I hate this arthritis.)

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Elisa said...

I am so sorry for your sister. It is a hard job for you but you can bring dome comfort for her and that's great.