Saturday, August 25, 2012

Random project life post

I am caught up with project life, but I am wondering if I should just post currently or go back and add the old ones that have never been seen before here. Then again, I think I'll just post them sometimes when I feel like it and not be so anal about getting them all posted. They are done and that is enough. I am like the simplest project life scrapper out there, truly. I studied my printer manual until I knew the ins and outs and can print out my photos in the correct sizes in 2 mins, takes longer to get the iPhone ones emailed to me. My motivation to finish project life this year is to buy a cool album to put it all in, right now it is in an 8.5 x 11 one, and the pages are 10x12 so they don't really fit. I always do a card with journaling and let the photos take center stage. Lisa T (gluestick) told me, "one pocket at a time." I live by that motto. Happy weekend to you! Until tomorrow.

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Sparklin said...

Love how you used the big pics in your PL :-)