Saturday, June 27, 2009

Kids today

J and I were at the playground after dinner tonight. We have been outside all day, and we are both exhausted. I was sitting on the platform for the slide while J ran around, trying to out-run the tired. Two little girls with their grandparents came to the playground. J immediately began running around with the younger of the two. The older one, about 6, sat next to me. 

Little girl: "Do you know Mario Kart Wii?"
Me: "You mean the game Mario Brothers?"
Her Grandmother: "Is that what she is talking about? I can't understand a word she says."
Little girl: "You know Mario?"
Me: "Yep, I remember Mario."
Little girl: "I'm Peach."
Me: "Is that the princess?"
Little girl: "Yes, I get to be Princess peach."
Me: "Wow, you know back in my day we could only be Mario. We played on Nintendo, the regular one, not the box."
Little girl: "Back in the olden days?"
(Grandparents snicker)
Me: (Clearly flustered) "No, NOT the olden days. Just back, in the day. Not olden, not old. Dude."
Kids today, I don't know about this next generation. Speaking of which, my cousin Andrea is graduating from high school and I made her this card with Cosmo's Everafter:

Beautiful Card
Supplies: Cosmo Cricket Everafter Patterned paper: Something old, Something new, Something Borrowed; Cosmo Cricket Everafter Rub-ons; plus white bazzil cardstock, kaiser craft pearls and Martha Stewart Butterfly punch.
Instructions: Frame white cardstock with gray, yellow patterned and then yellow paper. Apply rub-on. Punch butterflies-on from dark gray paper and one from the striped paper. Put gray one down as a "shadow" and add the yellow on top, folding the wings slightly. Apply pearls.
Happy weekend to you! Until tomorrow, have a great one!


happydays525 said...

That card is just lovely! Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

Kelly said...

Gorgeous card Danielle!!
And I get comments like that from my kids when I refer to music I liked or shows I used to watch. And seriously - I am not that old!!

Michele H. said...

To funny Danielle! My little one says stuff like that to me all the time :) Love that cards, especially the butterflies!

Stacey Michaud said...

giggle--cute story! I love that card and how you used the Everafter not for wedding or heritage! so pretty!

Cathy said...

Your Mario kart rant made me laugh....we had a conversation this week with our kids about Cassette tapes...and I showed them an old walk-man. I think the comment was something like, "That thing is HUGE, mom" wasn't in our day, considering the alternative was strapping a 10 pound "ghetto blaster" to your hip LOL.