Thursday, August 14, 2008

What's up?

What have I been up to? Clearly not blogging, hehe. Let's see:

1. I have spent 6 hours total, 3 already this week in the toyota dealership. Ds and I spent Monday and Tuesday morning there. On Monday we were told (after we had waited for 2 hours) that the tire that was ordered wasn't there yet. Come back tomorrow. A holy rage ensued on my part, but really, what could I do? They had me, I can't get the tire anywhere else, I tried. So, on Tuesday the tire finally got put on. For my trouble, a toyota backpack. I had to chase those storm clouds away with guacamole, you know I did my friends.

2. I found this:

Ok it wasn't in that condition when I found it. I'm not proud of this either, but it was just so perfect I couldn't leave it. I was walking my dog and had J in the stroller on Tuesday. It was trash day, and we walked by our neighbors cans, when halfway around the block I saw this sitting next to a trash can. Covered in grease, filled with spices. Only a scrapper would have seen that diamond in the rough. I figured they are throwing it out right? I thought about it for 2 secs and threw it in the bottom of the stroller and kept right on walking. I took it in the house, J and I dumped the spices, half of which had never been opened. I cleaned and sanitized the base, which spins! And I took the caps off and put the caps and glass in the dishwasher. In about an hour I took it upstairs to my room. It's perfect I tell you. I have the most modern looking scraproom I've ever seen and this is just the right addition. My house is very minimalist, and this is just the right about of stuff. It has 16 jars, and I'm still deciding what to put in there. Recycled, re-purposed? Maybe I'm just a trashy, dumpster diving woman, but I love it. Right price = Free.

3. I have been working on Scribble Scrabble layouts! Here are two. The first uses Scribble Scrabble Sweet and Sour and even though it's "pink" and dh is going to have a fit, I like it:

The second is using Scribble Scrabble Suzy Snowflake line. I love Scribble Scrabble's diecut shapes and chippers! The journaling is that even though he kept staring out the window wanting to play, clearly I was wrong. He was sooo mad.

4. Last, but not least, I put together a kit for Memorable Seasons for Fall. It's pending Jill's approval, but I'm really excited about it. If you get the opportunity to do this I highly recommend it, it will give you a new appreciation for how scrapbooking kits are put together (like Studio Calico's). Speaking of which, there are still a few SC August kits left. But I'd hurry.

Hope you are having a great week!


Anonymous said...

well i won't judge a fellow guac-obsessed girl for her dumpster digging. that would be wrong :)
(and it's too fabulous a find!)

walesk said...

hey! I have that spice rack for all my little embellishments and I LOVE it. great pages :)

Kristii said...

I love your find!!! Awesome!
Fantastic pages girl!! Looking forward to seeing what is in your kit!!

Lisa Dorsey said...

That spice rack is awesome!!! Love your layouts too. So cute!

Susan Beth said...

Great layouts! Free stuff that works is great, wherever it comes from, and I understand in certain circles dumpster diving is quite chic!

Larajc said...

Great layouts. Sure glad the car thing is coming together. And way to re-purpose is to a "greener" you!

Scrap Evangel said...

Are you going to use those shakers for glitter n stuff?

Love the lo's'; esp Enjoy live. Great design!

Abundant blessings to you!

Paula Barber said...

Great find!
And I adore that popsicle layout.
Beautiful design!!!

Rita said...

What a great find! Love your SS LOs! I use pink on my boy pages all the time, and flowers and ribbon :)

stephanie garbett said...


denine zielinski said...

Love the spice rack...I would have done the same thing! Great pages, too!

Libby said...

They should have Freecycled it!! I love freecycle :) Why throw something away and add to the landfill when someone else would want it?!? You'll HAVE TO post a pic of what you eventually put in there, if for nothing else to justify taking the time to pick it up & cliean it. Maybe you'll inspire others to re-purpose? :) Great find! Great layouts!