Saturday, August 16, 2008


Lately I just feel so tired and overwhelmed. I have been taking a nap every time J sleeps this whole week because I am so tired. I'm pretty sure I have been fighting some sort of a virus, only in the past 24 hours have I begun to feel better. The only scrapping I've done is in the evenings, whatever I can get done between 8:30-10. Not much is getting done and it's frustrating to me. I frustrate my own self sometimes.

My dh came home last night, this was a surprise and I was so excited to see him. I feel like I have been counting the minutes until he returned from this past trip. Unfortunately, things did not go very well on his trip and he was upset. I hate to see him upset, it so rarely happens. J gets his easy-go lucky attitude from dh.

I've been fooling around with my camera today. I had to get some "all about me" shots for some pages for the challenge at Memorable Seasons. I really, really, really don't like pictures of my self. And I hate to scrap myself, me staring at me staring back at me. Yikes! But for the record, for posterity, I have to do it every once a quarter. Like going to the dentist or doing taxes, it's a necessary evil. It hurts like a root canal though. Here is one that I probably won't use (my hair is entirely too red). I found a way to calm it down a little in some other shots, so maybe it will be ok?

I'm going to IKEA tomorrow! Happy day, I love that place. I plan to get a small Expedite to put in my closet, to hold some things that I need but don't use a lot. I'm also still thinking about the futon, I'm going to look around there and see if anything moves me. I've lived without it this long though.

That picture makes me want to go get a haircut, do you think locks of love would take my 10% gray/90% reddish brown hair? Probably no one wants any gray hair right?


Susan Beth said...

Your hair is beautiful! You are beautiful! I like the shot, and if you have better ones, they must be pretty good. Hope your dh comes out of his funk (that's what we call it when it happens to my husband) soon! And that you are feeling 100% and full of energy!

laverneboese said...

I think you look beautiful. My dh has been bugging me to change my blog photo forever...but I don't like taking pictures, and consequently, I don't have anything better to replace it with. Well, now you've inspired me. We'll see...Hope you get your energy and creative mojo flowing soon!

Rita said...

Hope you start feeling better! Great pic and I've always wanted red hair! Have fun at IKEA tomorrow, that place always drains me!

Scrap Evangel said...

Your photo came out beautifully. And don't worry about that 10% grey hair. Comes with wisdom!I've got a little sprinkle of grey starting to form, too.

:: gingerkitty :: said...

IKEA.. ahhh

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Denise said...

Use that photo. You are gorgeous. I would love to have your hair color. I'll trade you and you can have my mousey brown. Trust is not a fair trade. :o)

camport said...

for the record, there is no such thing as "entirely too red." Great pic of you, hope to see it on a LO soon! Hope you get over your bug quickly. The only bug I ever get that makes me sleep a lot is a baby bug, so...good luck with that! j/k


NoraAnne said...

Danielle, that picture is great! You're too funny! I'm sure locks of love would take your hair, but it also looks very pretty on your head!