Friday, August 22, 2008

TGIF and oh so random

Thank you so much blog readers, for your advice about the all about me layout photo. I realized that photoshopping the red out of my hair is in fact taking the "me" out of the picture. So I cleaned this one up and used it here:

That American crafts will test your retina.

J is sleeping better, but the tantrums are an ongoing thing. I'm reading "The Spirited Child." I'm trying to understand how this little person is giving me my highest highs and my lowest lows, all in the same 5 mins. He is definitely energetic, perceptive, and sensitive. I don't think he exhibits any symptoms of ADHD or Autism. And this may just be the age. But I have come to understand this: child are not a blank slate that you get to write on. Nope, children come with their own personality and my communicates his likes and dislikes at the top of his lungs, normally in a public place. I'm almost to the point where I forget to be embarrassed.

These past two weeks have taught me how I need to make better use of the time I have, and to prioritize. I can't do everything, and I had to make a very difficult decision today. I decided not to stay on for another 6 mos at Memorable Seasons. My time there was wonderful and I made lots of good friends and I learned a lot. But I need to start submitting my work for publication again, and something had to give. Time has to come from somewhere, but I want to do everything. But I want to do everything 110% and I know that I can't give MS that right now.

Since it is Friday, such a wonderful day, I won't end on a sad note. Instead here is a card I made for my neighbor/friend Amy. I know she will put it up on her fridge. She has 3 kids and is always overwhelmed with school starting. I thought she could put this up and be reminded to be happy:

Cosmo Cricket's Mr. Campy Happy Campers Card:

I used some Luster Rub-ons for the leaf in green and red on top of the Cosmo Mr. Campy Blackboard. They remind me of eyeshadow. It said to use a fixative, but it was like the blackboard sucked it up because it wasn't coming off this morning! I did the computer lines and text, printed it out, stamped the Mr. Campy Stamp Happy Campers on there with Van Dick Brown ink, and then added Mr. Campy patterned paper. I also added the lines on the leaf with a permenant marker in Green. Easy.

Well, except when you leave the stamp out and J stamps "happy campers" all over your new futon cover. Dh laughed, me not so much. It came out with washing. I'll show you pics of the completed and cleaned scrap room tomorrow.

TGIF and hey, I've been wondering, did Chatterbox and Fancy pants pick their DT? I didn't apply, just have lots of friends who did. Crossing my fingers for them!


Kristii said...

Bless your sweet heart!!! Thank goodness it is Friday!! I love your layout and the red in your hair is perfect!! You are beautiful girl!! Take it easy and I pray for a relaxing, wonderful weekend for you!

Susan Beth said...

Love the layout and the hair! Spirited boys need moms who realize that just because normal is challenging doesn't mean there is something wrong with him. He will continue to embarrass you, but he will also continue to thrill you! That is what is so wonderful about parenthood. Enjoy it as much as you can. And good for you to recognize a limit on your time and put up some boundries! Important stuff that is!

Caroline said...

love your LO!

and as far as i know, they haven't picked yet...i have friends waiting as well!

Lily said...

awesome layouts! Love that you let that red shine through. Kids are a wonderful trial aren't they.

camport said...

:( I truly hate to see you go. Can't wait to see you in the mags, though, you deserve it!


Linda Beeson said...

Your card and your layout both look great. Lots to think about in raising kids!!!

Debby said...

Nothing on Chatterbox as of this am.

Rita said...

First, I love the LO! You certainly have a way with the AC! Are you reading the book by Mary Sheedy Kurcinka? I have a spirited boy of my own and am currently reading the advice and it has made me realize he is his own person and has lots of wonderful traits, I just have to learn how to better manage them! Hang in there...mine is 8 and has been going strong for quite some time!

denine zielinski said...

Your hair is gorgeous, and I would love to have leave it in that layout, girl! Good luck with sometimes brings us hard decisions. Sounds like you have your priorities in line.

Christi said...

Your layout is gorgeous?! Your hair is beautiful! My ex thought it was funny when my son decided to alter my white cat with red acrylic paint! I didn't laugh then but I laugh now! Neither Fancy Pants nor Chatterbox has been announced yet! Good luck on submitting! I hope you get a great deal of publishments in the next 6 months!