Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Cosmo Cogs Card

I usually pride myself on being pretty flat, as far as scrapping goes anyway. But today I created a card with some dimension. I hope I can show that to you via photos, using Cosmo Cricket's Cogsmos Diecut Cogs.

I've always wanted to buy a card like this. I always seem to inevitably buy a card for some one's 38th birthday and I forget to give it to them. What on earth am I going to do with it now? Not a problem with this card, it's multi purpose.

Here is showing the dimension:

And here I used the Cosmo Buck Naked Chipboard buttons for the dimension under the Cogs: (For the biggest I used two buttons, for one of the smaller cogs I used one button, and the other I just put on the Cardstock)

I used the Making Memories Sharp tool to poke holes in the card for the Karen Foster Screw brads, but you could totally wing it and cram them in there. I'm just anal like that. :)

So here are some general uses for my new favorite card:

I've been thinking, Let's . . .

Have a baby
Go to lunch
Go shopping
Go skydiving
Go to Europe
Move to the West Coast
Get Engaged
Get Married
Get Divorced
Get a Llama, puppy, kitten, ferret
Buy a house
Celebrate your birthday
Cheer you up with a round on me
Get a manicure
Make fun of our co-worker/boss
Get a life
Go out on a date
Find someone to cut your grass
TP the neighbors house
Take some antibiotics and get well soon.

As you can see, the possibilities are endless.
Note: I don't take any of this seriously and neither should you. It's just paper. And I love it.
Hope your Tuesday is balmy and breezy.


Linda Beeson said...

Those gears are so cute and I just love the way you used them! LOVING the dimension too.

Anonymous said...

ah, i like "Cheer you up with a round on me." And can I put guacamole on mine???

Chris Dodaj said...

The card is hysterical and so are the ideas of things to use it for!

Maren said...

Love the dimension!!

Lauren said...

Great job with the layering on thecard. It is indeed very versatile.

aimee said...

this is my fav
Make fun of our co-worker/boss
he he!
great card idea!

Rita said...

Love the card and the gears! Love your list about its possibilities!

Stacey Michaud said...

You are too cute! Love the card! Dimension is your friend!

Allie said...

Hahaha! I love it! Perfect card for... well, just about anything obviously!

Kelly said...

This is totally fabulous!!

Lily said...

love the gears on the black

Jen said...

You are too funny! Love it Danielle!

Julie said...

You're right, Danielle, I love it!!

Christi said...

I'm loving the card! Now I have some great ideas!

janel said...

Looks like things are going great! Getting back into the routine of life here.
Hoping you have on your Happy Pants...it is Friday tomorrow, isn't it?

laverneboese said...

Thanks for the awesome card idea. I happen to have all of those supplies! And all of the possible sentiments for the inside were hilarious. My husband and I have an awesome relationship, but I have to admit, that "get a divorce" sentiment just seems to be so fitting some days, hee hee...just kidding :)

yukari said...

great card idea!Great job!!