Thursday, July 17, 2008


It has been a bad week. I could try to pretend otherwise, but I'm just too tired for that. After 3 nights of J not sleeping, and 4 days of J not eating well, I was sorely in need of an intervention. I needed to push the reset button on this child. I've been trying to go to the grocery store for 2 days, without success. Yesterday I ate a frozen shrimp appetizer for lunch, that is how bad I needed to go to the store. I was also at the point where I was yelling because I was so tired. He finally dissolved into hysterics around lunchtime yesterday, and took a 3 hour nap. And so did I. It was a turning point, thankfully.

I decided that we needed a mid-week intervention. And I'm very grateful that I don't have the kind of problems that can't be fixed with guacamole. So we ate out at Chipotle, which we never do during the week. I feel compelled to tell you that I have no connection with this establishment other than that of a satisfied customer. Maybe a little too satisfied, as in I crave it day and night. Makes me wonder what they put in that stuff. J ate his entire bol, and I felt that the reset button had been proverbially pushed. Last night was better, not perfect, but an improvement. Is this normal for children to overnight become picky eaters? He isn't just picky, he eats 2 bites and he is done. It's like he has no appetite for anything. He doesn't seem sick or ill otherwise. I'm utterly stumped.

If you have put up with this post thus far, you deserve something good. Here are the layouts from the I inspire me blog guest spot I did. I have some new on the table now, just need to stay away during a nap time to finish them.

Susan Beth said that her husband tells her that they were awake for 5 years with their child and he is still to this day tired. Isn't it a shame that we are all too sleep deprived to fully enjoy our young children? Good thing I've got lots of pictures.


About Me. said...

Oh, I remember those days. My youngest, a girl, would not sleep unless a vacuum cleaner was running in her room for the first three months of her life. My second, ear infections constantly. We got tubes at 9 months and has not been sick since.

Now, my oldest, this you can relate to. He was a good eater until 6 months when he decided no more nursing, only a cup. He ate veggies, and fruit, and meat, and pasta. Then around the age of 18 months, he decided he no longer wanted to eat. He is now 16, he is 6ft 3" and weighs 120lbs. I remember asking his doctor what I should do and he said nothing. When he gets hungry he will eat. He is still very, very, very picky. He will eat a little meat, no chicken unless they are chicken nuggets. He loves corn but will not eat fruit. He is healthy, happy and the nicest kid in the world. My other two will pretty much eat anything. My daughter, gave up the vacuum when we decided to just let her cry. It took 2 nights and 9 years later she is my best sleeper.
Sorry for the novel. I love your blog and your layouts are amazing. Thanks for the inspiration now go take a nap.
Love and God bless,

janel said...

The good thing is, by the time they are grown you don't remember how tired you were, you just remember, Oh, yea, I was tired!
Super cute pages, and here's hoping today will be "normal"! :)

denine zielinski said...

I can relate to the whole picky eater thing....seems more normal for kids than not these days. Oy! You are not alone. Very cute pages!

Susan Beth said...

Danielle - we only have one child who kept us sleep deprived for five years. Seriously, he did not sleep through the night on a regular basis until he was five. As for the not eating regular, my child went through phases like that. Our big thing was to not allow it to cause us to feed him lots of snacks. That way when the appetite returned we were on a good schedule. It doesn't suprise me that J is not wanting to eat. Just his little body adjusting to something. Also, is he getting a molar? That will sometimes be the thing for both sleep changes and for not wanting to eat. Just a thought.

mom2ee said...

I feel your pain...i was and still am lucky to have girls who will eat just about anything (once)...however, when they were young, i can remember friends who stated their kids existed on 2 french fries a day LOL...i promise there is a light at the end of this tunnel and know that we are here to listen...take a nap whenever you WILL make a world of difference

Kimber-Leigh said...

guacamole is a great problem-solver, isn't it??? that made me laugh!

thinking of you :)

karen m. (akaliz) said...

love the layouts...

girl, my son is now almost 7...he still does not eat. he has gotten better and mexican food has seemed to do the trick. still, no veggies, no dairy, no fruit. i honestly don't know how he survives. it's like he's a test-subject of the kids' atkins diet.

he is not ill, he just doesn't eat. three bites. full. then 2 hours later he wants candy or a dr. pepper (thanks mil). i don't give in and the child whines like he is starving. i give him a pb sandwich. that is all he will take.

i wish i could say it has gotten better over the years for me, but it hasn't. i hope things turn around for you. and if Chipotle does the trick, well...hey, Mexicans eat Mexican food everyday, right?

Vee said...

i hope things get better for you and your little one! I love chipotle too! it is so yummy, awesome layouts as always! :)

Close To Home said...

*HUGS** You and I both, I can TOTALLY relate to just having trying days the last week and a half. I hope it's better tomorrow for you! Great pages...AND, I LOVE Chipotle, myself, though I am still trying to figure out how it's pronounced. LOL!

Scrapper Mom said...

Beautiful layouts! And, I totally understand. Caeden is 11 months old and has slept through the night, maybe 6-7 times EVER. It's ridiculous. our average is up 2-3 times...I've heard and read that babies/young children do go through stages with their appetites, so hopefully his will pick back up.

Kristii said...

I am so feeling for you girl!!! I can tell you that my boy didn't eat well when he was younger and to this day, he would rather eat cereal. As far as not getting enough sleep, I wish I could tell you I get enough sleep with my children being as old as they they stay out late and I, like a good mom should, wait up for them. Now it is my job to keep them accountable. Needless to say, I get some of my best scrapping done in the late night hours.
The saying...and this to shall so true. I hope you get some serious sleeping in soon!! I just have to add that your work is totally awesome girl!!

Tara said...

Everything seems so much worse when you're tired. We go through our spells now too. I joke that I got more sleep when I had newborns.
With my first little guy, I was so worried about getting him to eat enough. But then the doctor said that they could live on milk and cheerios and not suffer at that age. So now, I don't push it. As long as they're healthy, getting milk and fruit, I figure it's not worth going nuts over. My 7-year-old now eats great (well ... good), the 5-year-old lives on hot dogs, cheese, crackers, chocolate milk and strawberries. And the 2-year-old eats what the other two eat put together. It's nice to have a good eater finally, but he's a bit of a bully! I guess he needs to keep his strength up!
Hang in there!