Wednesday, May 14, 2008

So tired

I had entirely too much fun at the big Studio Calico sneak peek night. I stayed up until midnight waiting for a peek at the new kit. We were entertained by Stephanie Howell and the SC Design team. Kelly Purkey stopped by. If you get the chance, you should stop by her blog and check out the picture of the old man looking at her like she has lost her mind. It's pretty funny. (sidebar for link)

So today I'm tired. I was promptly awoken at 6:30am by a hungry dog and child. I stumbled out of bed and walked the dog with the baby in the stroller with my pj's still on and bed-head hair. And I so don't care what my neighbors think about that. I only got 2 hours less sleep then normal. I guess the sleep I got was not restorative or something.

Here is my LOTD. My ds says Uh oh all the time. I say it to avoid swearing when he makes messes, breaks things, etc. But he has such a cute way of saying it, I love it. Is it nap time yet?


Jenna Franklin said...

LOL - what a cute story and layout!! I wonder if I can train myself to use Uh-oh instead of "daaaaaurghum" or whatever syllables come out of my mouth to change what starts out into...something else, lol!

Denise said...

I'm tired from all the hoopla last night, too. Well, worth it though.

I think it is a great idea to do a LOTD. The one you did today is awesome. I love the story!

Lisa Dickinson said...

oooh if you can use "uh oh" instead of profanity, you have way more self control than me. Then again, your child probably doesn't swear in front of his grandparents, either. good times! :)

karen akaliz said...

i love your journaling at the top of the page. honestly, i second what lisa said above about being able to say 'uh-oh' instead of swearing.

love the story about walking the dog. oye, it's a pita sometimes.

Kimber-Leigh said...

love your layout!