Monday, May 19, 2008

Happiness is. . .(RAK announced)

*These two.

*A pug puppy warming my lap.

*Apple cider (hot or cold)

*Passing a hard test

*Good friends

*Finishing a scrapbook page

*Being open to the creative possibilities

*Scrapbooking supplies

And without further ado (or maybe a little more ado). Last time I did a RAK I had a number in my head, once we reached that number that was the winner. This time I was much more scientific about the whole thing, J and I did a drawing. See that huge bruise on his head? Poor guy tried to get off the sofa face first into the coffee table. I debated about whether to take him to the ER, the bump was huge!! But I put lots of ice on it and watched him like a hawk and now it just a little bruise.
A little more ado:

So his movements get quick and jerky, the photos of him grabbing the drawing were so blurry you can't even see what he is doing. But he grabs the tab and throws it on the floor, this is that picture.

And the winner is: the 13th person to comment (number 2 denotes an entry in the drawing twice for adding me to the blog sidebar)

nicole said...
Danielle, absolutely LOVE that layout that was in Memory Makers...look at that babe!! (and i am linking you up to my blog, but need your last name, lol!!)

there aren't any stores around here who sell Scribble Scrabble, so the first time i played with any was from the Studio Calico April kit...would love to see more!!!


May 16, 2008 1:18 PM

I think it is very ironic someone with the blog titled "Brains. . .seriously" would win the RAK for passing the test. I guess I'm easily amused. Congratulations, please pea mail me your info so I can send this out this week (friday at the very latest).

I did go to every single person's blog, even though with the head trauma I ran out of time to comment on every one. About half of the participants in the RAK added me to their blogs, and I was added to some of the most beautiful and interesting blogs I've seen! I saw amazing projects, and I had the best time reading about you. I always go to your blog if you comment on mine and I will leave a comment for you in return.

And I have lots of Scribble Scrabble, so please stay tuned. I love to see what you can do with it!


Vee said...

your little guy is so adorable, xo

Nicole said...

lol...holy pete...i never win ANYTHING, lol!! will get you my addy...thank you so much Danielle!!
(off to add your last name to my blog, lol...)


Lisa Dickinson said...

You know I love that page. :) ingenious work with the felt, i tell ya!

Kazan Clark said...
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Kazan Clark said...

Sorry about the delete - had a spelling error and it drives me nuts that I can't go back and edit :) Summary of previous post:
1. Gorgeous layout - love the black
2. Poor baby with the big bruise - glad he is back at work able to pick numbers :)
3. Congrats Nicole - can't wait to see your designs from you fab RAK
4. how is your card coming along?