Tuesday, May 20, 2008


That's Half-a-tank-o-phobia.
I have it, don't you love my self diagnosis?
It's when your gas tank is half full and you start to panic. Should I fill up now? Wait a week? Will gas be any cheaper? Maybe it will get worse? Do I really need to go anywhere? Maybe I should wait until it's 3/4ths and decide then? It will probably be worse, I should just fill up now. At this gas station or the one across town?
Halfatankophobia. It's my medical contribution to society.
I think it could be treated with alternative fuel options or a margarita.

This is a card I made with Scribble Scrabble Felicity:

And this is a layout with some pink paislee and studio calico goodies:

Have a good one!


Close To Home said...

Love your layouts. Yeah, the gas situation not fun. I usually just go for half LOL.

Davinie said...

This cracks me up. I get gas when the light is on and I have about 10mph before it's empty. I am terrible about it that way. I also dread the pump. I have an SUV and am always just doing city driving... to school, to home, to ballet, to home, to the grocery store, etc. I get about 14mph if I'm LUCKY. Dang cars.

Denise said...

I love your self diagnosis. I believe it will be made into a real medical term soon!

Great card and layout. You do stunning work!

Angela said...

I have that exact same condition!!!

Dettao said...

I love that card. I have got to get some of that Felicity. It is so pretty

DebW said...

Great LO's!
Right now I'm suffering from
myfundsrlo...painful, very painful.
Is halfatankaphobia contagious?

camport said...

I've got it! And inevitably, gas never gets cheaper and the gas station I wind up at end up being 10 cents more than the one at the next intersection.

Cute LO's, too...as always!!


karen akaliz said...

very cute lo!

gas station is not fun. my car is good on gas, but dang! we are also getting ready to trade in our suv...high miles, needs major tune-up, no a/c, $70 to fill up...you know, usual crappy stuff!

Jen said...

halfatankaphobia, yep, me too. How funny! Love your card and layout. But you know that I'm a fan. ;)

Karidan Kaye said...

So I found you in 2peas!! I love your layouts of your son!! I have a 5 month and have the worst time scraping a boy!! You have given me a lot of hope and ideas. I hope you dont mind if I scraplift a little bit! Keep up the great work!! I just hope I can change your 8 x 11s into 12 x 12 and make them look good!! I am even thinking about doing an 8 x 11 you make it look good!! My blog is http://jaemensworld.blogspot.com