Monday, May 5, 2008

NSD hangover

Too much adhesive, what can I say? Here is the color/sketch challenge I posted for Memorable Seasons (it was created with my design team kit featuring We R Memory Keepers White Out):

I had a fun but exhausting weekend chasing my friend Kazan all over the Internet! She came and played at Memorable Seasons, and I played at her site Scrap 4 Life. Ever since I started my blog at the end of Jan, Kazan was one of the first people to ever post here. I know it is a big Internet, but it has always felt like to me that Kazan is the girl with the blog next door. She is the sweetest, and I consider her a friend after our escapades this weekend!

I'll be posting more of my work from this weekend throughout the week, I have so many things that I started for challenges and then abandoned in the name of family time. I learned something about myself this weekend too. I love the craziness of crops, but I like to take the ideas and digest them for a bit, and then create. It's not that I am a slow scrapper, because once I get my idea going I'm normally pretty quick. It's more I need to think about how to make the idea happen, I need the time to percolate the idea I guess.

I'm taking my long haired shaggy baby for a haircut today. I think it hurts me more than it does him. I love those locks.


janel said...

I hope you are taking your camera with you. I will be anxious to see some photos from the 1st haircut! Have fun. Just remember when you see those locks fall to the floor....these are the first little steps of a continual letting go.
Have a good day!

Jen said...

I have that very same hangover Danielle. It was a long, exhausting, creative and productive weekend. ;)

Kazan said...

OM-Goodness can we just say NUTS!!! I don't think I have ever made so many layouts/cards in a 48 period in my life. It was fun and the gang over at MS are super nice too. So the good news is that we WON (as friends that is - thanks to you!!) You need to go back (I know) to S4L and PM Jodie your details..So you can go and do some shopping over there. Thanks so much for a spending the weekend with me in cyber space - -can you imagine how much trouble we would get into if we lived near each other :)

ali mclaughlin said...

Great layout! Loved chatting the other day.