Monday, February 7, 2011

Up until the bitter end

Sorry, I had no idea so many were following the DMV saga so closely. My apologies. :) More DMV nonsense:

1. The DMV sits on a corner of a busy street, which means there are multiple ways in and out of it. And I was cut off 3 times and lost my parking space twice by 8 am. Why would people behave this way at a place where they could take your license? Odd.
2. The place looks and acts like an airport. It's cold and not-so-sterile. My 4 year old asked me repeatedly if we were going on a plane. To which I replied with "I wish."
3. At the counter next to me a woman was sobbing and screaming loudy. Who says there's no crying at the DMV? [Note: Not enough room here to post all that drama.]
4. At the counter I show my: social security number, old driver's license, marriage certificate, passport, utility bill, mortgage statement, military Id, my first born, and a band-aid from the paper cuts I've gotten collecting all this together. What I get is . . . a piece of paper stating I have a temporary license and my "real" license will take 7-14 days to get to me by mail. Funny, they collected "real" money from me for said paper.
5. Lastly, and I really think this just adds insult to injury, the license gets here. And it's the most God-awful shade of pale purple I've ever seen. I mean I gagged and silently wondered whose bright idea that was. (No one looks good against pale purple, ick.) And I'm a girl! Can't wait to see what my dh thinks of that. He renews later this year. Ha! :)
Thus ends another bitter tale of the DMV until 2017. And the moral of the story is to renew online if at all possible (not possible in my case, new to the state. Thank you so much for that Uncle Sam, really sometimes it's just all I can do.) Good night kids! Until tomorrow.


BabyBokChoy said...

look on the bright side, you are good for SIX years!! we do it every four years i think.
Arizona is the best, back in graduate school, I got my license there, and it was good until I was SIXTY!!! I still have it (though clipped, sigh) just to prove that I ain't exaggerating :)

~Sasha Farina~ said...

omg.. what a nightmare! i'm so glad ours doesn't have an expiry date on it.. well, unless you get 12 demerit points and above.. then you're suspended. get 24 and above.. u lost your license and have to go thru everything AGAIN!! *shivers*

Susan Beth said...

Oh my, your boy has grown so much! Such a good looking dude!

Glad you got the license, but I agree - pale purple? ummmm, why?