Monday, February 21, 2011

Scraproom Revisited

Don't know about you, but I love to look at other people's creative spaces. I recognize I'm very lucky to share this spare bedroom/office/guest room with my scrap stuff. :) Go ahead, say it three times fast. :) Kidding, anyway, for this installment I had a 4 yr old who wanted more than anything to play the bubble guppies game I found on Nick Jr. (meaning, he wasn't going anywhere during the photos.) This is the view from the doorway, I love all the windows. I'm still trying to make up my mind on the curtains. ???
My dh built the cubes with the canvas bins for me, my first ever piece of scrappy furniture. And I'd have had him make all of it, but he is really busy with his work, so Ikea it was. Those frames are from hobby lobby and they hold some of the very first paper I ever received from my first ever design team gig, My Daughter's Wish. I don't think the company is around anymore, but the paper is very pretty in real life. I should have taken a close up. Oops.
Clip it up shot. I love my clip it up. Got it with a birthday gift card to Amazon last year. It holds my favorite alphas, the rest are in a box in the closet. I may get rid of those in the future.
Other side of the room, Ikea shelf hold my albums and books. The couch folds out into a bed for guests and the pillows/bedding is stored underneath.
One of my favorite things in the room, a digital photo frame. I love to watch it play when I'm uninspired, it always makes me smile and know that I have memories that I haven't recorded yet. The wall hangings are from Pottery barn, on sale with another birthday gift card. (This room has taken years people!) :)
Look, my boards are all clean, for the moment. Someone just realized I was taking pictures. Ha!
To the closet. Where I store my kits. I have one overflow bin in the Ikea shelf for paper. The rest is in here. All the Cocoa Daisy kits are on the right, Studio Calico on the left. Don't hurt yourself, the newest Cocoa Daisy wasn't in there when I took the photos. :)
At the top there is some cardstock, finished pages, tackle boxes holding small embellishments. To the left, all that cardboard you see is American crafts tape runners in boxes. I haven't figured out what to do with them yet. And lastly a close up of the kits, each month on a shelf.
That's it for the 2011 version of my scraproom. I'll be back with Cocoa Daisy March sneaks soon. Happy President's day to you! Until tomorrow.


Denise said...

Your room is so clean and organized. I think I need to move to your neighborhood to use yours as the one I am currently using is a bit under a pile of little paper pieces and other junk. Seriously, nice room. I can totally understand why so many masterpieces are created there.

Kay said...

Wow, you are organized!!! Loving your scrap space!

Mary Jo said...

Such a nice clean space!
Love the shelves in your closet :)

Jessica said...

Love this. I actually would expect you to have a clean scrapping space. I dont 'know why maybe because of your clean layout designs? Funny, huh?! But I love it and love that you shared it!!! :)

lisa truesdell said...

love your kit storage!

Denise said...

wow you are organized. I would hate to show you my space-bleh!