Monday, June 7, 2010


1. Home improvement sucks. Here's why: collateral damage. We got a new AC/furnace last week, but the thermostat box is way smaller than the old one. Which means that to hang it properly on the wall, you have to paint over the areas where the old one was. I hate that. And this lead to me painting and repairing other walls, which lead to dh having to paint one entire wall, and on and on it went. It's over now, but my gosh!

2. I am down right chilly now, despite the fact that the AC is approaching 74 degrees. There really is no middle ground. :)
3. My flowers look good, the whole yard does actually. See:
3. I've been busy lately, I recently accepted a position as a physician assistant with an doctor's office here in town. They have been remarkably accommodating of my schedule with J and I feel really lucky in this economy to find something that I am excited about doing.
4. Not sure how best to juggle everything, specifically-family, working and scrapping. I feel like time will tell. I've tried hard to limit my DT commitments to only those companies that I really love, and I hope to continue with them at present, but again time will tell. I know that I will always scrapbook in some form or fashion, I love it, it's fun to me.
5. I have been taking a ridiculous number of photos. Some things never change it seems. :)
Happy Thursday to you. Until tomorrow.


Keshka said...

Sounds like life is busy and good! Congrats on the job!

BabyBokChoy said...

Congrats on the new job!!! and glad to hear that the home improvement front is calming down :)

janel said...

Yippee on your new position. L just accepted a new job this week too....great news for both of you. Don't fret about the house, as it is always a WIP, and having that job will help ease the pain of putting $ into it. There is always a project. Enjoy the weekend, talk soon!

Lisa Dorsey said...

So happy to hear about your new position and that you are settling in. Wish I could say our yard is doing well, we have two bushes that have gotten quite sick. Enjoy your weekend!