Saturday, June 19, 2010

At the moment

I am:
Mimicking: This whole blog idea from other blogs I've seen.
Listening: To Lady Gaga's Alejandro. I heard it on the radio and wanted to see the video. Mistake, horrible awful mistake. It's Satanic, but gosh the girl can dance.
Eating: Chicken that dh made on the grill. He got home late last night from his most recent trip.
Drinking: Water, lots of water.
Wearing: My second pair of khaki shorts today, and a pink top. We went to see Toy Story 3 like everyone else in the US, and 5 mins into the movie, even though we took him to the potty twice, J had an accident. While sitting on my lap. Now, I've been a parent for 3.5 years now, and I'm not one to let a little unexpected bodily fluids ruin my good time. So, I changed him and enjoyed the show. :) It was my first movie going experience since having a baby.
Reading: Too many CMEs to count! 4.5 more hours to go. That will make 100.
Feeling: Anxious, worried about all the changes happening. Wanting to feel differently though.
Wanting: To enjoy the weekend. Trying not to stress.
Needing: Clothes for work, but my weight keeps changing. Not sure what size to buy?
Thinking: About my horoscope for the day. I always read it from Jonathan Cainer. It's really cryptic today.
Enjoying: Having my dh home again. :)
Wondering: About a medical mystery I am researching.
Scrapping: With the Cocoa Daisy July kit and American crafts Ink:
Happy weekend to you! Sneaks very soon. Until tomorrow.


Keshka said...

Enjoy creating with the kit! And good for you for solidering on and enjoying the movie--I'm not sure I could be so relaxed!

Jill said...

I love your list -- and that you added what I added to it! :) Isn't Lady Gaga strangely addictive? She's weirdly brilliant and brilliantly weird.

Sorry about the potty incident! I've had an entire large fruit punch spilled in my lap at a movie theater, and that was not fun. I'm guessing that even though pee is warm, it was probably worse than fruit punch. :P

As for the clothes shopping, I feel your pain! What the heck is up with waistlines?

~Sasha Farina~ said...

a little bodily fuild don't scare us moms :)

BabyBokChoy said...

That music video, alejandro, is only released a couple of weeks ago, and I think Gaga is getting more and more daring and more and more outrageous. It's weird to be a fan of hers, seems so wrong and seems that I'm way too old be a fan, but I am. Potty accident, no biggie, it happens to everyone... though I admit it, if it happened to me, I would NOT be as graceful as you were!!!!

Vee said...

i want to see Toy Story3!! in love with ken! :)