Sunday, October 11, 2009

Remembering Iraq

This day 4 years ago, dh and his men were seriously injured when an IED was detonated while their vehicle drove by. My dh and his gunner K spent time in the San Antonio Burn Unit, while M (his driver) was killed instantly.
Memorial at Fort Campbell KY. The rose is from his wife.
I will never forget that day. But I'm learning that time heals a lot, an awful lot. I'd like to sit down today and mourn properly, but I'm sure my toddler will want to go outside to the playground. Later, when I have a quiet moment I'll need to be filling out more mortgage paperwork (it never ends!), so that we can move to a good school district for my little boy. And when I think of how my life has changed for the better since I became a mom, and how everything I do is for that adorable little chubby cheeked cutie, inevitably I will have to admit that the reason I was able to partake in that miracle is because my husband survived the tragic events of that day. Had that IED been a little more to the center of the vehicle, my life would be completely different. I know this. I'm grateful, everyday, but especially today. Thank you God for his life. A sad day, Until tomorrow.


Sasha said...

Glad your DH came out alright in the end with his life. I understand about losing close friends and comrads. Awesome post ..

prayers for continued healing.

janel said...

And I too remember vividly hearing your voice on the phone telling me what had just know very well to celebrate every moment and cherish each breath we take. J is one lucky little guy to have such wonderful role models as well as being the loving mommy and daddy that you both are.
Thinking of all of you.

missusem said...

Danielle.. a lot of love goes out to you.. Thanks for sharing this with us!

lisa said...

Love to you Danielle xx

kristina proffitt said...

BIG hugs to you, my friend.
So glad that your DH came home to you. I am just so thankful and grateful for all the men and women in the military do and for the sacrifices that they AND their families make.

Lisa Dorsey said...

Thank God for miracles. Hugs Danielle.