Friday, March 20, 2009

Friday Random-ness

I'm getting lots done today, hoping to look at houses this weekend. However, we may have hit a snag. Dh's work is potentially moving outside the area, which would be bad bad for us if we bought a house. Even though they might move less than 50 miles away, there is a good possibility our BAH (military speak for housing) would drop. Then owning a house, and trying to sell it and move in a hurry, that's more stress than I need. I don't think they make burritos big enough for that.

What I'm doing today: cleaning the bedrooms, paying bills, and waiting for the following to arrive:

This for J for Easter, I thought he would love the dog. He is into little house like things right now:

I saw these on my friend Nicole S. blog, she takes such cute pics of her boys in them. I wanted the firefighter set, but J wanted these:

This is also for his Easter basket and I got him a Curious George Board book that helps with bedtime routines:

I'll leave you with 5 random things about me:

1. I love pickles. Almost as much as I love guacamole. I recognize this isn't helping my case from earlier, but I'm still not pregnant.
2. I'm on the epic quest for the perfect shade of lipstick, one they don't discontinue after I fall in love.
3. I'm a recovering soda-aholic. I've been clean now for 48 hours, but I'm jones-ing.
4. My sister has Crohn's disease, my father has Ulcerative colitis. It's rare to have both in one family, Duke wants to do a study on us. Joy.
5. I have a photographic memory. Great for academia, not so great for directions. It's like laying a photograph on top of a photograph to get somewhere. Aggravating.

Have a great weekend. I just got a neat email from Cosmo about some really fun things that are going to be happening in the next week or two. I wanted to give my regulars a heads up, don't want you to get lost in the hustle. Also, I have a guest design team thing coming up, with a company that you probably would never put my style with. It's going to be so much fun! Happy Friday guys!


lisadickinson said...

can't wait to hear about the new gig...i think i will plan a trip to Chipotle to celebrate with you :)

Rita said...

Great Easter gifts! Is it bad I haven't even started to think about it yet?? Congrats on the GDT spot! Can't wait to see what you create!

Stacey Michaud said...

You crack me up! I can't wait to hear about your GD job! Cute presents for Easter! I have to get stuff still! I love your 5 random things! I am the same way with lipstick--when you find one that works, buy 3 of them!

MollyPeckham said...

I can't wait to hear about your GDT!!! So so so very cool, Danielle! And where are you all now? Do you want to move out of the area? How long have you been there?

walesk said...

Have a great weekend, Danielle! my son has the spaceship and he LOVES it!

Can't wait to hear about your GDT and Cosmo (btw, that's my dogs name... how's that for random? lol) :)

Marie Starr said...

What fun Easter gifts!

Congrats on the GDT thing!!

FrancineC said...

Happy Friday Danielle!!!

Vee said...

love your list, don't you hate that about make-up?! soon as you love it poof it is gone. Have a great weekend and I know all the home issues will work out! :)

Lauren said...

I love all of those Easter goodies! So adorable! Have a great weekend!

Pamela said...

I'm excited to hear what Cosmo Cricket is doing and where your GDT will be. :) Hope the housing thing works out without too much stress.

Kelly said...

Gorgeous pressies!!
Can't wait to hear about your news Danielle!!
Have a great weekend ;o)

Jody said...

Have a great weekend, Danielle!
Can't wait to hear your "news"
BTW, my sister has Chrohn's and my mom has colitis too.

marilyn said...

Cute easter prsents--can't wait to see photos!