Monday, November 24, 2008

The highlights from the weekend, mostly random stuff.

Friday afternoon: We got J's big gift on sale at Walmart. Love rollback.
Friday night: It was cold, like 14 degrees. Yikes! Still no snow or snow flurries for me though. I never did my Christmas card photos either.
Saturday morning: We hit the sale at Toys R Us. We only got 2 toys though. J is very into Thomas the train and there are better deals on line.
Saturday afternoon: Went to several bakeries trying to order a Firetruck birthday cake for J, no luck.
Saturday night: Complained about the cold again. Tried not to think about the thermostat at 69 degrees. Wanted to cry about the thought of having to use the bathroom, the toilet seat was like ice!
Sunday morning: Rough, no sleep for me or J. Lots of tantrums, J's too.
Sunday afternoon: Finished this layout, called around to bakeries. Decided to give up, and make cupcakes myself with toy firetrucks on top. Apparently a firetruck cake is really, really stinking hard to come by. Note to self: research cakes next year first before deciding on a theme.
Sunday night: Cold, decided to bundle up in 2 sweatshirts and pants with 2 pairs of socks and the heating blanket on my lap while I scrapped. Discussed personal space heater with dh while he laughed at me.

The only thing I finished this weekend:

Supplies: Cosmo Cricket Patterned Paper Oh Joy in Yuletide and Merry & Bright, Cosmo Cricket Jack Black board buttons; White Bazzil Cardstock; plus American Crafts thickers and ribbon; Maya Road Chipboard Hearts; Colorbox Scarlet ink; Sukara white gel pen.

Instructions: Cut Patterned paper and arrange on white cardstock. Apply ribbon, then add photo to the top. Secure ribbon with buttons from Jack's world Blackboard. Detail buttons with while pen. Ink chipboard hearts in red. Apply thickers as the title.

I'm off to do some laundry, since now I have to wear multiple pairs of clothing once the sun goes down. I want to make sure I have enough. Anybody else's dh into having the house as cold as a fridge? I hope you have a great Monday!


Vee said...

good for you for getting some good sales early!! :) It was COLD this weekend, sheeesh!!!

Allie said...

Whew! What a weekend! Love the layout - those are great photos. :) I think I actually like the house cooler than DH, but he totally freezes me out of the car! I don't get that.

Susan Beth said...

69! That's a heatwave around here, even indoors. But I do get the need to wear layers because I do the same thing. And it does creat a lot of laundry! It's best when the sweats come staight out of the warm dryer and right on to my body - mmmmmmm! That is so great! Love the layout. Best of luck with the party!

janel said...

69 is what we keep it during the hours of 5pm to 7 am, then I turn it up if I get cold. Layers are the norm here....and a space heater in our bathroom. Need to get you some Smart Wool socks, and lots of turtlenecks, with "cuddleduds" underneath. Very cozy!

Lisa Dorsey said...

Oh I just love that layout! Love your list of your weekend!

mommy2alex said...

gorgeous layout!
LOVE the idea of using a heating pad/blanket to scrap - my room is frigid and hubs laughed at me too when I asked for a heater. The nerve.
I can NOT believe that no one has a firetruck cake, that is so in the top five of themes for a little boy isn't it? Well, I'm sure your cupcakes will be adorable!

Kristii said...

Such a sweet layout!! Those pictures are so precious!! Love hearing about your weekend!! Hope you have a great week!!

karen m. (akaliz) said...

i love the cold and i love getting bundled up. we are trying to hold off turning the heat on as long as possible. it's nice having a small electric bill, even if it is a bit nippy. a good excuse to snuggle with the kiddoes.

:: gingerkitty :: said...

14 degrees and no snow. What is it doing? LOL... too too cold for my tropical kool-ade blood

Denise said...

Oh my gosh! I am so relieved I am not the only one. I HATE cold toilet seats. A lot. :o)

Rita said...

Can't wait to see your firetruck cupcakes. I made DS a train wasn't exactly pretty, but he loved it! Gorgeous LO! Your design and details are always so flawless! My house is freezing all the time...we have the worst heating system known to man!

happydays525 said...

Yay for early sales! =)

Love the layout, you are just awesome girl!