Sunday, March 25, 2012

Another Project Life post

I'm all caught up on project life, even finished this past week today. Problem is, I seem to have no idea how to scrapbook like normal at the moment. I can't make a page or a mini album, it's just kind of sad. I hope this is temporary because even though project life is fun and all, I really miss making regular pages. It's just that project life is so quick for me, seriously, I spend less than an hour and that includes printing photos. Regular pages might take me 2 hours, which I now don't have since I just spent an hour on project life. Sigh. Anyway, here are the past 4 weeks:

I experiment with a lot of digi/hybrid, but that's where I'm happiest anyhow. I did finish the taxes, woohoo! And I used up a bunch of Studio Calico's Boardwalk kit for the last two project life weeks. I have done no CMEs though. And I'm itching to get outside in my garden. :) Except that my allergies are seriously killing me right now.
Sorry for being such a bad blogger. I've been working on my house and some home projects and that seems to have eaten up a lot of my creative focus. I'll be picking paint colors for the first time in my adult life soon, and I'm kind of terrified. Why are there so many neutral colors? Wish me luck. :) Happy weekend to you! Until tomorrow.

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