Sunday, March 13, 2011

Somethings. . .

Something I'm anxious about: I am waiting for my Cocoa Daisy April kit to arrive.

Some treadmill I'd like to get off: laundry.
Something that's still making me laugh: My boss, an MD says he hates calling me (a physician assistant) a mid-level provider, it doesn't let me live up to my potential he thinks. He wants instead to call me doctor-lite. Half the calories?? Anyway, it still makes me laugh.
Something you may not know about me: I'm an unwilling vegetarian. My son won't eat meat other than beans, eggs, fish and the very occasional chicken nugget. So when my dh is deployed, to avoid making 2 meals for dinner, I eat what J eats. Strange uh?
Something I'm dreading: taxes, taxes, taxes. (You get the point.)
Something I'm listening to: This video by Avril Lavigne. (ps I never said I had good taste in music. I do love what the song is about.

Something I feel like I'm doing right: being in the moment.
Something I feel like I'm failing at: doing the taxes! (I'm even blogging to avoid them.)
Something I'm looking forward to: gardening again. I love my yard. I even cleaned out the planters this weekend.
Until sometime. Happy Sunday!


Julie (juls2000) said...

Hahaha, I like the doctor lite nickname! So cool!!

Susan Beth said...

I'm dreading taxes too, and tomorrow is my day set aside to do them (at least to fill out the form for the accountant). Going to enjoy the bliss of tonight before plunging into the uncomfortable world of numbers.

Nitasha said...

Smiling about the Dr.-lite and unwilling vegetarian! : ) Have a great week!

Keshet said...

Taxes are stinkers. can't wait to see what you do with the kit!

Lisa Dickinson said...

something I'm liking...this blog post theme :) hope you are well!

Denise said...

doctor lite...very funny. Hope your taxes are done? getting there? I hate them too. ;(
have a good day Danielle.