Thursday, November 11, 2010

Weekend Drive-by

It's been a rather disappointing day. We saw the ENT & audiologist and J's hearing is normal, no fluid in his ear (unlike what we were told was the case at the pediatrician's office). And while I am thrilled that my baby doesn't need surgery or tubes, it did seem like a dream come true that we could snap our fingers and be over the speech difficulties that he has had now for the past 2 years. So, on we go with speech therapy. And it's a good thing, I know this. All I need to do is love and support him and in his own time he will overcome it. Probably just in time to be a sassy teenager. Hmm. :)
Just in case you wondered what I was up to this weekend. You can come too! Lots of prizes and fun. As long as you like to scrap you are invited. :) I'll have some new layouts to post after the weekend. I'm finally going to clean out the garage too, but this is more fun.
(Click on it to make it bigger if you need to.) Happy weekend to you! Until tomorrow.


janel said...

Thought about you and T. all day. I wanted to make sure that he knows how much I appreciate his sacrifice and his service, and yours too. The entire family sacrifices! Thank you. You are right, every thing in its own time. Hugs to all!

Keshet said...

I can see the mix of disappointment and relief that you feel. Thinking of you!