Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Giveaway winner announced

Thank you for all your comments, I really appreciated every one. I have to give credit where credit is due, the RAK/giveaway is courtesy of Scarlet Lime. They are a very generous company. I too have tried to win the Scarlet Lime monthly give away, I have a whole lot more in common with you guys today that did not win, than the winner. But a couple of tips to try again-
1. Check the Scarlet Lime blog often and sign up for the newsletter. Both will tell you about SL's giveaways.
2. On the first of the month check the "Be Inspired" for the new guest designer and stalk their blog until they post it. :)
And the winner is: (drum roll)

Look at that, a kit virgin! This could be fun. (insert evil grin) :) Sorry I am posting a couple of hours late. I got the flu vaccine H1N1 today and it took longer than I thought. Then I got distracted, I went to Micheal's afterwards to look at all the Christmas stuff to perk myself back up. Holy Martha Stewart punches! I only allowed myself 2. So, Jody please email me an address where you would like your kit sent at: and I will forward it to Christy at Scarlet Lime.

I will be back with my Cocoa Daisy November layouts momentarily, I'm not on the right computer or I'd post them now. Happy Wednesday, until later.

1 comment:

Jody said...

I screamed out loud when I saw I won!!!
Thanks to email you :)