Thursday, December 18, 2008

A Christmas Miracle!

Well, after 3 weeks I had pretty much given up on Woody ever showing up. With only 7 more days to go I had planned on filing a claim with Amazon for my lost Woody doll. Yesterday, he shows up! In a Totino's pizza box (that should have been a clue). And let me tell you, he smells like he has been smoking Marbarlos in a musty old basement. All I keep thinking is this, my parents didn't have to deal with any of this when I was a kid. It really makes me wish for a simpler time. Maybe I can Febreez Woody? 
Enough of that, show the page woman! 

Supplies: Cosmo Cricket Oh Joy Patterned paper Strip Tease; plus Kraft Bazzil Cardstock, Basic Grey Chocolate alphas, Jenni Bowlin Calendar, American Crafts thicker, and die cut leaf-unknown.
Instructions: Print out journaling. Adhere patterned paper and photo. Add embellishments. 
I love the strip tease paper with all the Cosmo packs, something about it just makes me think of endless possibilities. I loved the colors on this, and the multi colored snowflakes (that isn't available on any other paper in the pack other than strip tease). Unless, someday Cosmo makes an Oh joy 8 x 8 paper pad. All kinds of never before seen papers hide in those wonders, I love them! 
A very random Thursday post, almost to the weekend everyone!


Susan Beth said...

WE'll have to speak with Pixar/Disney about a smoking star in children's film. Very sad! Hope you can get the smell out! Or you can get your money back. Love the layout. He's so cute!

Lauren said...

Woody's in a better place..he just has to detox. haha!
Cute layout!

Sarah said...

Love the layout! Sorry about Woody. I'm sure he's glad to be at your house!

Lisa Dorsey said...

Oh sorry Woody has been up to no good! I do love that layout. Great design!

:: gingerkitty :: said...


Allie said...

Poor Woody! That's always a serious Amazon/Ebay risk - amazing how that smell can linger on just about anything! Gorgeous LO. The strip stuff is really fun. And love the sweater vest. :)

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