Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy new year!

Happy New Year! Here we are, nearly 3 days into 2011 and I have no idea what my word should be. I'm missing precious bonding time with said word and it's starting to freak me out. Maybe my word should be "Chillax." (Somewhere in the world my mother just hit my father's arm and said, "Chillax? What's she talking about chillax?") It's ok, I'm kidding. :) But, my word of 2011 is still up in the air. I'll share it when I know. I did love last year's word/phase: good enough. My word the year before that was focus. See, I focused so long and hard that I had to put the brakes on my perfectionistic tendencies and therefore, 2010 became the year of good enough. I really loved good enough, and I'm having trouble moving on frankly. Enough of that. :)

This is the new January kit from Cocoa Daisy called Domestic Bliss. It's such a cool kit, I'm really enjoying it. I got a new camera for Christmas and I'm in the process of uploading photos from it right now to use with more of this kit. (Sometimes, while I love technology, I feel like I am constantly having to learn something new, or a new way of doing the same old thing. It takes me out of my comfort zone and shakes me up sometimes, but this camera software install went much better than expected.) A couple layout of J:

And a birthday card:
I'll be back once I settle on a word. I won't be gone as long, I'm feeling much better now. Thank you to everyone who posted, I could feel your support and it made me brave on that day. The power of prayer is an amazing thing. Until tomorrow, happy (sun)day!


lisa truesdell said...

these are gorgeous, danielle! hope you're feeling better.

Anonymous said...

Lovely layouts :)

A Soldier Girl said...

love your work as always.Happy New Year ..

Susan Beth said...

Glad you're back. Hope you're healthy. Not that I'm in charge of your word or anything, but since you can't "find" it, maybe "find" or "finding" will be your word.
Also, really love the shape of that heart - it really stood out to me as a good thing!

Susan Beth said...

Oh, I see you didn't use "find" in your post. Don't know why that came to me and I blurted it out. Just ignore me. My word this year is Proactive, and apparently I'm being a little too proactive. Sorry!

Keshet said...

Hoping you're feeling better ! These are all beautiful, love the little fork detail especially:)