Saturday, May 8, 2010

A HeArt for Linda; Ella winner

So many of my wonderful blog readers and friends have gotten the word about the fundraiser for Linda. I'm so touched that so many people want to help. And all I can think is, I can do more. I should do more. And I am. :)
Tricia has added this to the fundraiser sponsor giveaways. If you donate $10 (or more) to Linda, then you could be eligible to win this:
Um, no, you can't have mine. :)
But if your donation ticket wins my raffle, then I will make you your very own custom Altered Heart project. The winner can pick out the colors for the heart, and customize the message. The altered heart project will include a black frame similar to this with glass, as well as the completed piece of artwork sent to the winner. This project has been one of my most popular of my postings on 2 peas and the Cosmo cricket blog. I still get emails from people asking if they can buy one in an Etsy shop (no etsy, sorry). My sister is still badgering me to make her one. (Bec, I'm on that. thumbs up. :)) I think it would be a good gift for newly weds, any anniversary couple, in pink or blue (or green/yellow) for a baby; I even think it could be a birthday gift if the colors were done right. So, lots of options for the winner. :) I will also post the completed project here on my blog, so you can have a little preview before it gets to you.
I believe this is the right project for me to donate to the Linda fundraiser because if you read her blog, she has a lot of heart. She's pushing past the doubts and the pain to be there for her family and her adorable boys. And prosthetics are not easy. Having treated amputees returning from Iraq at Fort Campbell, I know it's not as simple as slap on the prosthetic and go. They rub, they cause ulcers and blisters and pain. There is phantom limb syndrome and people stare. Linda has a lot of heart. And if you donate so that she can move into a house that doesn't have steps, well you might have a little bit of an altered heart too. :) Compared to the other very generous and/or very talented sponsors --Cocoa Daisy, Studio Calico, Jenni Bowlin Studios, Scarlet Lime, and newly added Hero Arts, Maya Road, a layout by Mou Saha etc. my prize isn't much. But I think you will agree, it's all heart. :)
You can find out about donating and Linda's story here. And you can visit Linda's blog here.
The winner of the Ella ebook giveaway is:

Please email me (top left paragraph under photo) and I'll get this code for the ebook right to you. You are going to love it! Happy weekend and Mother's day to you! Until tomorrow.


BabyBokChoy said...

I remember that frame.

It's one of those projects that one never forgets. One remembers the first time seeing it because one knows it is greatness on display. It's a glimpse of distance and space between one's own creative abilities to those who are magnitudes beyond oneself. It inspires not only visions of replications, but also glimmers of the yonder, where creative lights dance, the promise land, if you will, if one simple stretches outside of that box...

~Sasha Farina~ said...

what you girls are doing are beautiful.. *hugs*

Susie said...

does it count if you already donated it! lol I donated awhile ago as it is such a worth cause!