Thursday, April 8, 2010

Such Randomness

1. I think that I can share now, I'm the April Guest designer for Your Scrapbook I'm very excited to give away 3 gift certificates to the store this month, this is your official blog reader heads up. Cuz I dig you. :) Mondays 4/12, 4/19, and 4/26. I will have work in the gallery on the 15th and 30th using Jillibean and Lilybee. Hope to have some sneaks for you soon.
2. Totally overwhelmed by the blog hop. Here's a little snippet of my layout that will be featured today on the American crafts blog, more of the Abode line:
3. Spending too much time out here during the day:
We put the mulch in last weekend--just to the back and side yard. It took 25 bags of mulch. We are guessing the front and other side yard will take at least 25. There are so many raised beds! And they are all full of perennials from what I can tell (since they all came back right? I didn't put them there!) Can't decide if I should attempt to put in annuals, my thumb isn't really all that green. And it's kind of gluey on a regular basis.
4. Missing Carolina. How I love the weather there this time of the year. My family came up for Easter and we had so much fun. But I miss going home.
5. Thinking about how much I still love this hobby. It's been nearly 8 years and I still love it when I see a piece of paper that makes me think of a memory. I think that's how it's supposed to be. Feeling like I've really got a handle on my stash at the moment, using the things I have. That's all I want, to use what I have, what I've loved enough to save. They always make more paper. :)
6. Tired of answering questions about why I don't facebook or twitter. I have my reasons, and they are excellent reasons. No, I won't be sharing them here but rest assured they are good and sound. So, please stop inviting me to join. :) All I'd ever twitter about is food, (just ate a cupcake, thinking of chipotle, best guacamole ever, that kind of thing) so I suspect the world can/and probably should do without that. At 130 lbs, I just think about food a lot, I don't know why.
7. See, now I'm dreaming about Chipotle. Rats, gotta go see about some guac. Happy Thursday! Until tomorrow.


Lisa Dorsey said...

hahaha laughing about your guac comment, now I am craving it too! Your AC layout is fabulous!

Pamela said...

Haha...I don't twitter either (do FB though)...and I could see myself posting the same kind of things. :) And I do think you made me hungry so it is probably best that I don't get those regular posts from you. :) Congrats on GDTing and great sneak! Oh and the yard is looking great!

Lisa Dickinson said...

personally i like that you don't fb or twitter. (and that you stand your ground like the bad-a** you are!) now go get that guac (and bring me some too!)

anne29 said...

Your garden is beautiful, and I would have time to do the same!!! Congratulations!

Lauren said...

Congrats on you guest spot! I am loving that AC Abode line..Can't wait to see more..Have a great day!

Marlene said...

Holy smokolas. I am totally envious of your beautiful yard. WOWZA.

And don't feel bad...I don't twitter, either. Just don't see the point. I do facebook, but it hasn't been all cream and sugar....there was actually a time I had to deactivate my account. :(

Robyn Schaub said...

I used to Twitter. And it was usually about food...maybe that's why I quit. But now I'm craving guacamole. So thanks for that.