Thursday, December 17, 2009

The weather is here, I wish it were beautiful.

And it shall be beautiful. The only problem with a snow storm is that it's cold. Other than that, I have no problem with it. :) In fact, I'm a little grateful for the snow. It will force me to stop moving for a little bit, and we can just be still for a while. That's what my holiday is missing. The gifts are bought and wrapped. The baking is done. The house is as decorated as it's going to be in the middle of a move (tree and wreath). Now I'm ready for peace and quiet. There is none of that in the middle of moving to a new home.
On my mind:
1. This is my last move for a good long while. We are supposed to be here until my dh retires, please God let that be true.
2. My little Christmas tree. It's not much and with the unbreakable ornaments it's kind of tacky, but it's mine. And I like how the lights twinkle at night. And it especially tickles me that J plugs it in sometimes.
3. This new kit from Cocoa Daisy, a mixture of Basic Grey Origins and American Crafts Letterbox. No peeks just yet, still waiting for it to arrive. I think it's caught up in the holiday packages.
4. This too shall pass. All really difficult and soul trying times do eventually pass. Moving is really hard.
5. One more load. When I feel like giving up and giving in and throwing everything on the sidewalk I say, one more load. Just one more load. It gets me through until tomorrow anyway.
6. Making my own Christmas tags. I did, I made them all. I'll show you photos in a little bit, when I have a chance. I don't want J to see, some of them are from Santa.
7. The gift of giving. I say you've been pretty good this year and I left you a present here. It won't be there until Friday (I think), but I'm sure you can find pretty things to pass the time there until then. :)
Will be enjoying the weather enormously all weekend, as it is impossible to move my crap in a foot of snow. Happy Friday! Until tomorrow.


Lisa Dorsey said...

Enjoy your quiet time, you deserve it! Merry Christmas my friend!

janel said...

I saw the news and thought about your storm. I was hoping you could settle in with some warm cocoa and a book to read to your lap partner. :)
Enjoy and remember, you can't get these days back, so keep your eye on the twinkling lights!

betsy (pharmgirl) said...


You left us quite a present. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your style!

Moving will be done. Really! And yep, it's on the top list of stress inducers. But it will be DONE and OVER!